Blond Babe Gets Black Boned

Violetta Pink

Violetta is a tall, svelte, blonde sexual siren who opens the scene with a teasingly seductive striptease, then lays down to finger her bald honey pot while working a large pink vibrating dildo into her hungry hole, making her engorged clit stand at attention as she moans ecstatically. But once her swarthy stud enters, he takes over fanning her flames of passion into a raging inferno. She ravenously savors sucking his coal-black demon dick with demonish hunger and sluttish, epicurean glee. Mounted on his ebony obelisk of lust in reverse cowgirl, she wildly slams her hungry hole onto him with fiery, feral fervor, moaning, wailing, and yelping in sluttish jubilation. Putting her in doggie, he barbarically pounds his inky black demon cock into her as she ferociously throws herself back onto him, moaning, wailing, and screaming like a bitch-in-heat. Laying her down in missionary, he licks her sweet bald honey pot before ferociously plowing his titanic tool into her voracious cock pocket, moaning, squealing, and crying out with unchained primal passion as screaming, gut-wrenching, orgasmic tsunamis inundate her. Rolling into spoon, he barbarically drills his demon dick into her with fury as she whimpers, moans, and squeals in rapture. Having done his duty, he lets loose a geyser of goo all over her face, leaving her with a big happy glazed smile on her face.

Categories: Hardcore

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