Please, Please Fuck Me

Pepper Hart

Pepper’s a tall, long, lean redhead, and Eric is the lucky stiff in her very first scene ever. After a brief Q&A, he whips out his wonder wang, which she sensually sucks, earnestly looking to impress. She quickly succumbs to his talented tongue as he licks and fingers her bald honey pot and she explodes in a breathtaking, full-body convulsing orgasm. The sincere yearning look on her face when begs him to put his cock in her cunt is priceless. Moaning ecstatically, she erupts in an all-consuming orgasm as he fervently plows her. I’ve never seen a woman this responsive as she shudders, almost crying tears of joy, desperately begging for his cock as if she were begging for her very life. Watching her explode in orgasmic rapture as if she were birthing every orgasm is a breathtaking sight to behold. She fiercely slams her cunt onto him in reverse cowgirl, panting, moaning, and screaming as orgasmic tsunamis rip through her. Resuming her wild ride in cowgirl, her firm round ass ferociously humps him with unbridled passion, racing towards her moaning, squealing orgasmic nirvana. Sucking her pussy juice off his dork, she deep throats him with ease before he pounds his joystick into her with fury and she soulfully begs for his prick, swearing her love for it. She’s in an intoxicated, dick- sexual delirium, a cum junkie always begging for more as a deluge of orgasmic bliss engulfs her until Eric unleashes a geyser of cum into and all over her mouth and tits.

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