Recently Divorced MILF Ashli Craves Cock

Ashli Ames

Ashli is an alluring, recently divorced, brunette MILF, with a fabulous fur burger, and delicious, all natural body, who has put out a sex ad, for a group of guys, to come over, and relieve, her pent up sexual frustration. When they arrive, after a brief chat, they passionately undress her, and get her motor revved. Surrounding her, with their stout, savory sausages, she ravenously sucks them, with sluttish avarice, moaning ecstatically, as one intently licks her bearded clam. Laying her down, in missionary, they intensely plows her garden of decadent delights, with their prodigious pricks, as she moans and wails, in sluttish jubilation, while greedily sucking any cock, within reach. She then, mounts one in cowgirl, then reverse cowgirl, spiritedly bouncing onto a fuck pole, with fiery fervor, as she moans and cries out, in X-rated exultation. After greedily sucking her slut sauce, from their dorks, she moves into doggie, sucking one cock, while another is vehemently pounded into her, as she moans and yelps, with unchained, demonistic passions. They continue pulverizing her pussy in spoon, then missionary, driving her into a moaning, screeching, intoxicated, dick delirium, until they hose her down, splattering copious coating of cum, all over her tits and pussy, leaving her glazed and dazed.

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